31 December 2010

Final Thoughts

  On this final day of the year, many people are doing reflection posts or resolution posts. It would be uncouth of me to miss out on all of the nostalgia. To be blunt, 2010 has been poor. Granted, there were many days of fun and joy, but overall, my year sucked. I was lonely, bored, uninspired, depressed, unhappy, the negative adjectives just continue from there. Now if you'll allow me to brag, I put up an excellent front. My acquaintances believed I was happy, confident, and excited. They were none the wiser. Only my very closest of friends knew the truth. In true blogger fashion, I'm going to give you a month by month recap of 2010.

  •  January: Started second semester of junior year. Anxiety increased. Happiness subsided. Sleep became unimportant. 
  •  February: Panic attacks occurred 3-4/week...up from the usual 1-2/week. Best friend got a boyfriend and as a result our friendship became unimportant, I became a bother and a pity.
  • March: Sister turned 20. Friend began screwing boyfriend and increased screwing me over.
  • April: Reconnected with best friend from England--Sam's legit.
  • May: Went to my 3rd high school graduation. Lost sanity. Performed in dance recital.
  • June: Got a job. Isolated myself from society.
  • July: Began reading pro-anorexia blogs. Decreased eating.
  • August: Started reading superforest.org. Found meaning/purpose in life. Started final year of high school. Sister moved to New Mexico.
  • September: Became best friends with unlikely person. Developed new outlook on life.
  • October: Turned 17. Cried a lot. Relived past experiences.
  • November: Went to DC. Happy for 4 days. Fell in love with Harry Potter. Grew close to friend Luna. Lost weight........the right way.
  • December: Decided to make a change. Stopped pity party. Increased happiness. Started this blog.
  So there it is. My whole year. I've left some stuff out for privacy purposes and memory loss purposes. 2011 is going to be great. Just what I want. My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades. If you've read this far, thank you so much. It means a lot. Love you like I know you. Keep on reading. You never know what will pop out of my head. Thanks readers.

with love, peace, gratitude, cookie dough, dance parties, and happiness,