06 January 2011

Hop on the Scale, Yo.

This post is not from my brain, nor my thoughts, but it is indeed awesome. The idea came from the fabulous Snackfacer Kailey (check out her swag!). This post is about balance. No, not like holding a headstand in yoga or trying to stand still on a snowboard. This post is about YOUR PERSONAL BALANCE. Sadly, I don't have pictures to display my balance, but I'm a word kind of girl anyway so here it goes.

My balance is all about self-fulfilment. I used to hate life, living,society, everything. Now, I focus on staying happy.

B: booty. Not of the pirate variety. Everyday I find time to get down and shake my booty. Whether I'm in the car, my living room, my dance studio. I get up to get down EVERY SINGLE DAY. Without a daily boogie party, my day seems sombre.
A: apple. and when I say apple I don't mean fruit, I mean the company. and when I say company, I mean my ipod nano. I love music and without my ipod I wouldn't have the luxury to take it with me everywhere I go. **bonus: got my ipod on super sale=crazy cheap
L: lazy. sometimes my days include nothing my down time. simple solitude. ample alone time. happy hermit. ( I like alliteration. Can you tell?) I do plenty during the day, believe me; however, sometimes I need to just be lazy and not feel guilty.
A: action. Granted, the days after my lazy day are action packed. I love having a schedule, making to-do lists, being busy. It's how I thrive.
N: iNtelligence. (Yes, it's a stretch, but I needed an N.) I love learning new things whether it be from school, friends, family, or the cute boy at Target I casually flirt with (ten points for a creepy confession!!) I crave new information. This leads to many hours on the computer on numerous websites but hey, I love it.
C: coffee. coffee keeps me alive. I drink it all the time. in copious amounts. It should be illegal I drink it that much.
E: everyday. I strive to make everyday count. That's not to say I don't have my negative days. You should have seen me today. (I'm in high school, cut me some slack.) To ensure my daily balance, I read. a lot. books, blogs, magazines, everything. Whatever makes me happy, I try it everyday.

So there it is. My balance. What I need to keep me...balanced. **I'm creative, I know.** I hope you liked it. Please share yours and PLEASE check out my fierce food loving fashion fantastic (who I consider to be) friend Kailey ova at Snack-Face. trust me, you won't regret it.

Love you all.

P.s. please excuse the heinous grammatical errors in this post.