05 January 2011

What it do baby boos?!
--you can totally judge me for that intro

Post Three: About Me **try not to be jealous of my mad rhyming skills

1. I am a grammar snob. If you speak incorrectly, I will quickly fix your error out loud. I don't care if I have just met you. However, sometimes I find incorrect grammar humorous e.g. the introduction of this post.
2. My favourite show is Law and Order: SVU. If you have not seen it, you have not lived.
3. I read a lot. Book stores are my favourite places. I have been known to spend four or more hours in one book store.
4. I drink coffee as if it's my job. It's my morning (afternoon and evening) beverage of choice.
5. I have a soft spot for rap. Despite the poor lyrics and lack of actual musical quality, I love it. Rap music gets me pumped up for anything.
6. The night before I big test, I sleep with my notes underneath my pillow.
The closer the information is to my brain, the more I will retain. **rhyming skills**
7. I have weird dreams often. I may or may not discuss them on here.
8. I fell in love with the Harry Potter franchise on November 19, 2010.
9. I own a 'So You Want to be a Death Eater' handbook.
10. I'm a death eater.

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